40 Days of the Rules

Days Three through Five: Recap UPDATE

Oh! I forgot to include this.

Just as I was about to strike S from my interests list when on Friday he hit me up asking me if I was doing anything interesting for the weekend. I said nothing too interesting, which was definitely true. He said it was still early, so he could figure out his weekend plans (not with me though.. I’ll pretend it’s only because of the Rules and not because he asked me and I said no).

Then he hit me up AGAIN on Saturday asking me how the Capitol was treating me. I said “Not bad! Beautiful day out.” You know, being posi. He then asked me if the train station near him hooked up to the one near me. We figured it out and he said he’d check out schedules.

I left it at that, haven’t heard from him since. He is definitely coming to visit me, I can feel it.